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Stylists worldwide agree: Sunlights is the Perfect Paint!™ SUNLIGHTS® is a proprietary, state-of-the-art, Kaolin clay-based lightener developed exclusively for balayage hair painting techniques. Engineered to work with ANY manufacturer’s crème developer, color line and bond multiplier, SUNLIGHTS is extremely versatile and provides the best lift in the business. ​

Confused by all the different hair painting techniques out there? Let me help you simplify balayage in a way that allows you to implement our system on day one! Sunlights was built off the core foundation of a grassroots, easy to understand curriculum created by Candy Shaw, aka the Balay Lama. We are all trained under her meticulous care, I will help you grasp the key fundamentals of the perfect balayage: Consistency, Brush Stroke, and Saturation!

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